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Hanne Roemer, singer and saxophone player, composer, arranger and conductor, music teacher, coach and workshop leader in the jazz area.
Education: the University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

Through the years she has kept up with her skills participating in workshops with: Thad Jones, Ernie Wilkins, Bob Brookmeyer, Bill Holman, Kenny Werner, Bob Rockwell, Lars Jansson, Palle Mikkelborg, John Tchicai, Bo Holten, Judy Niemac, Jo Estill, Cathrine Sadolin, Lezcek Zadlo, Sylvia Droste, Marie Bergman and many others.

Hanne Roemer has worked as a music teacher at high schools, conservatories and music schools as well as being teacher at various workshops in Denmark and Sweden as well as Germany.

She composes music for - and conducts: big bands, choirs, symphony orchestras and various ensembles. Lives in Aabenraa, Southern Denmark since 1990. See composer and full biography.

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